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Are you studying for the level 3 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) ? Are you using the „Minna No Nihongo“ textbook? Then you might be interested in something I created for my personal use, but would like to share with whoever is interested. In the files linked below, you can find flashcards of all the standard vocabulary from the second book of „Minna No Nihongo“ (674 flashcards). If you print the pdf file with 2 sided print and „Flip on Long Edge“, you can cut out the flashcards. Also, if you are using flashcard software or a different word template, you can use the excel file to feed it.


On the frontside of the cards, you can find the lesson number and the English word. On the backside of the card, you can find the Japanese word in Romaji. It the word is a word, I put „I“, „II“, or „III“ to indicate the verb group.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that the content is accurate and that you will pass the test because of it :-). Good luck with the test!


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